Throughout History… People have sought to honor those who have made contributions to their communities; and so it is in Evansville.

The Rotary Club Of Evansville, dedicated in thought and practice to the Rotary International motto of “Service Above Self”, has fulfilled this duty by creating the Rotary Civic Award, honoring the city’s most outstanding citizens since 1927.

The Purpose of the rotary Civic Award is to publicly recognize those people who, have performed outstanding service for this city.

Each Honoree is chosen through a process seeking input from every rotary member. Selection of the civic award recipient is guided by the example of our many past award winners, rather than by a set of rigid guidelines.

In some years, the award has been presented to more than one person, but usually, it is awarded to an individual who has performed incredible civic work for our community. This award can recognize an outstanding definitive contribution or it can be presented for a lifetime of service.

Because of the rich culture of volunteer leadership, there are many great people who perform their jobs well and who serve their community. However, the rotary civic award recognizes those who go above and beyond normal service to the highest level of civic service.

These principles of service above self have been exhibited by each of our past recipients. Their respective citations read as a who’s who list of community service.

Civic Award Recipients

  • 2018 •Ron and Connie Romain, Hometown Heroes, who serve their city and region through exceptional business and civic leadership, philanthropy and through the promotion of the Championship Golf Tour, that boosts dozens of not-for-profits and brings millions of dollars in tourist revenue to the Evansville area.
  • 2017 •Dr. Steven G. Beckerfor his steadfast commitment of bringing a full-fledged four-year medical school to Evansville.
  • 2016 •Barbara and Brian Williamsfor embodying the spirit and ideals of Rotary with humility and servant leadership.
  • 2015 •Dr. Linda L.M. Bennettfor her years of leadership in our community ensuring a brighter tomorrow for education, culture, economic development, and our young people.
  • 2014 • Dr. Raymond W. Nicholson, Jr., for his years of leadership and service as a teacher, doctor, a volunteer and a public servant.
  • 2013 • Dr. Maria Del Rio Hoover, for her career of advocating for children and women, and for helping deliver services that have improved the quality of life for people in Evansville, the Tri-State, Indiana and our nation.
  • 2012 • John Whinrey, for his years of service through Rotary and other community organizations, for his successful efforts to make the Rotary Club of Evansville an unmatched forum for the airing of important local issues, and for his leadership in making the Rotary Club of Evansville a true international organization.
  • 2011 • Vicki Snyder, for leaving a comfortable teaching position and taking great risks to lead a small group of teachers to launch the first charter high school in Indiana, and for her tireless dedication and hard work that yielded extraordinary measurable success for Signature School and its students.